Most people these days are extremely house proud, and we all take a great deal of pleasure in the appearance of our home. Whether you are constructing a new house or improving the existing structure, we all want the very best materials and finishes to make our homes more aesthetically appealing.

If you are considering purchasing windows for your new home or replacing your older windows for more efficient ones you might be interested in the following points regarding uPVC:

Versatility: uPVC is a high versatile product that can be used to produce a uPVC window of almost any style. Whether you require uPVC casement windows or bay windows does not matter because all our window types are easily manufactured and marketed at a competitive price.

Low Maintenance: uPVC windows require little or no maintenance throughout their life span. This is a fact that is both beneficial to the homeowner and to the environment, for example ofther window types will require painting every so often, which will then in turn produce undesirable paint emissions.

Tested Fire Performance: Due to the fact that uPVC has a chlorine base, it is an inherently flame retardant material, which does not easily catch fire. For example, the ignition temperature of PVC is circa 390 degrees Celsius as against an ignition temperature of circa 250 degrees Celsius for timber.

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